Sunday 20th October 2019 Empire State Plaza – Convention Center
(From 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM)

Come witness one world at one place

This year, we will celebrate our 48th annual Festival with you! We hope you enjoy your few hours with us by looking at the arts and crafts from different parts of the world; by tasting delicious ethnic foods; and by being part of the audience indulging in the music with rhythm and dances representing various cultures and traditions of the world.

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One World One Place

Bringing Community Together

The word got around about us – how much enjoyment we offer for the family on one Sunday afternoon in Fall of every year. Now there are several international bazaars/festivals in the area. They are organized by different institutions. We are unique, in the sense that we, the participating nations, ourselves, organize everything. Each nation has equal voice. There is no veto power, no deadlocks nor sanctions. Here at a small-scaled United Nations, decisions are made jointly. Any ethnic group (registered as a non-profit group) can apply to join us.

Global Cuisine

Explore your taste buds

World cuisines offer a great variety in terms of flavors, tastes and combinations. We have selected the top international cuisines that are worth travelling long and far for. Cuisines offered at Festival of Nations event are known for the seasonality of the ingredients, the color combinations and the authentic national flavor you can experience these regional cuisines. Regardless of where your preference lies, each dish is the pure expression of a country’s heritage, geography and culture. Discover with us the real soul of these world cuisines.

Celebration of Ethnicity

Witness spetacular Performance

Festival of Nations Albany NY continues to witness a growing desire for ethnic recognition in individuals and groups, a search for ethnic identity, and a conscious exhibition of distinctive ethnic traits. The cultural performance provides the scenery for manifestations of ethnic identity. The messages of festival concern the shared experience of the group and multiple interpretations of that experience. Festival brings the group together and communicates about the society itself and the role of the nations in it.

International Marketplace

Arts Crafts & Shopping

Explore the diverse collection Of crafts by various ethnic cultures and traditions from member nations of Festival of Nations Albany NY.
We are the embodiment of modern world giving an ode to ethnic and contemporary arts, crafts and design.
We bridge retail space of nations by bringing people, artisans, products and performers from various walks of life together at one place.

Member Nations


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